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An increasing need for financial privacy, asset protection, tax optimization, international diversification and professional Swiss portfolio management
The global political character of our time is as unstable and frightening as ever, and the need for personal security, financial privacy and asset protection has never been greater. No matter where you live or what you do, your financial future can be enriched with more privacy, increased protection, international investment opportunities and professional portfolio management.

Asset management Swiss style is based on a certain operating environment, which makes a true difference to the investor in more ways than one may think. These include an enviable degree of political and economic stability, respect for privacy, legal security and the Swiss Franc, historically one of the world’s most reliable currencies, leading to Switzerland’s price stability and low inflation rates. Not least, Switzerland has got longstanding experience in asset management with a tradition of quality and innovation.

International diversification –
the world turns to Switzerland

Today’s investor has long accepted the Nobel Prize-winning Modern Portfolio Theory, which shows that diversification among various types of investment is key to maximizing gains while minimizing risk. But the theory does not end there. Going a step further, beyond your country’s borders, into other countries and other currencies, is the route to optimal portfolio diversification.

When investing a portion of your assets in Switzerland, you are placing your funds in a country respected throughout the world for its political stability, strong currency, low inflation and state-of-the-art financial services. Switzerland manages over 4 trillion Swiss Francs in client investment portfolios, equalling more than a third of all internationally invested private wealth. Perhaps less well known, but no less potent, is Switzerland’s neighbour – Liechtenstein, a leading international financial center with the highest AAA rating by Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s. Liechtenstein and Switzerland are closely linked in investment style, with Liechtenstein even adopting the Swiss Franc as its national currency.
The Swiss Franc –
a strong currency

Due to the Swiss National Bank’s commitment and success at maintaining long-term price stability and one of the lowest inflation rates in the industrialised world, the Swiss Franc, despite some short-term reversals, historically remains the world’s strongest currency with an impressive exchange rate performance. Switzerland’s political neutrality adds to the attractiveness of the Swiss Franc as a strong currency at times of political turmoil and unrest. A Swiss Franc investment may provide additional currency gains when measured against other, weaker currencies.

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